Welcome to MaBeCol’s Memo Game

Memo Game is the classic game for finding pairs of images or text available for iOS.

Memo Game features

  • 8 sets of built-in cards
  • Creating your own set of cards, mixing text and images
  • Single player mode
  • 2-player mode on one device
  • 2 players on 2 devices (Game Center, WLAN or Bluetooth)

The game itself is available in english, chinese, german, french, polish, russian and spanish.

Create your own card sets

sc6_customGame sc6_customSelect  sc6_customCardEdit_de sc6_customList_en
Your photos

Select a set of your photos from your iOS‘ photo app

Paste to cards

Pasting them into the game, each one becomes a pair

Or edit a card

Or create pairs individually, use text or photos and even mix them for one pair

Get your cards

Build your own set of cards from your photos or with your text.Create a vocabular test, if you want.

Card sets that come with the game

Memo Game already comes with several sets of cards you can match.

sc6_owls  sc6_drawings sc6_mul

Matching these owls is harder than you think


Find nice animal pictures

5 by 5

Combine fun and learning when matching multiplication expressions with the solution

 sc6_flags  sc6_ctrNames_es  sc6_ctrNameFlag_ru
Country flags

You can also choose to match country flags

Country names

Or country names, choose from 8 languages

Country flags vs. names

And find the flag matching a country’s name

In-App purchases

Everything above is free, in addition you can buy the following:

  • Images of Africa
  • Images of Fruits
  • Switch off ads